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McMahon: Just Listen

This is an open letter to all the protestors who blocked traffic and disrupted business July 29 in downtown Phoenix. After Federal Judge Susan Bolton blocked the most controversial and certainly anti-illegal parts of SB1070.

I simply want to know: What the hell do you want?

This was the first court test of the constitutionality of the law — an involved the most sensitive sections, the ones opponents found most objectionable. You won!

I know you already had the signs painted, and the flags were purchased and all those bridge-building zealots from L.A. probably couldn’t get their money back for the buses. So you must have figured, why not. Let’s march. But, you won!

Until another court re-interprets SB1070, police can’t check status or ask for papers or prevent you from getting a job. It seems that the demonstrators, with the Mexican flags don’t want the courts to decide what’s legal. Say, then it would be like we were all living in Mexico.