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McMahon: Mucho Dinero

So you think that Wall Street bankers and professional athletes are overpaid? Listen, if you want to really be rolling in dough, just run for public office in Bell, Calif. I said Bell, Calif.

No, it’s not remotely close to Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive. But city leaders seem to feel it is. In actuality, Bell, Calif., is primarily a blue collar town, southeast of Los Angeles with about 40,000 people, 17 percent of whom live at a poverty level. So now you have a picture of Bell, Calif. — kind of an ordinary place.

What is extraordinary are the salaries of its officials. Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo’s paychecks totaled almost $800,000 last year. Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia made $376,288, and Bell Police Chief Randy Adams earned $457,000. That’s $150,000 more than the police chief of Los Angeles makes.

Rizzo, Spaccia and Adams have resigned, and other officials have volunteered to slash their pay. But, how could all this happen. Is anybody anywhere paying attention? One blogger is. He wrote that this was what we should expect from the Mexican culture and that more of this corruption will happen if we let more of them in. May I call attention to the fact that Adams, Rizzo and Spaccia are hardly Mexican names? They’re the names of crooks.