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McMahon: A Bush Call

Jeb Bush for president, don’t laugh. A lot of people are talking seriously about just that. And a whole bunch of them are Republicans. So before you dismiss the idea remember, Jeb was the first choice of the Bush family to ascend to the White House, but a series of circumstances gave us “W.”

When I interviewed Jeb, I was struck by how difficult it was to accept the fact that he and “W” were from the same family. As governor of Florida, Jeb built a political reputation as a centrist on many issues. His brother was proud of his conservative ties to Dick Cheney. Jeb Bush is known to be bilingual and speaks Spanish fluently. George W. struggled to be considered unilingual.

So why should Jeb Bush run in 2012? Because, if Barack Obama’s numbers continue to plummet, somebody in the Republican Party has a chance. Newt Gingrich? Too much personal baggage and too old school Washington. Sarah Palin? Far too early and far too cute. Mitt Romney? Maybe — if he has a plan to create a million jobs. If there’s one downside to Jeb, it’s the American fear of dynasties. But Jeb is more like Barbara Bush and everybody liked her.

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