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McMahon: Love Story

As all those hook-up TV reality shows try to come up with new angles for the romantically deprived, look what happens right in front of us. Bristol and Levi are engaged. Please! Give me a moment.

Yes, Bristol Palin, the most active pro-abstinence mom on the speaker’s circuit is about to be made an honest woman by the guy who made her a dishonest woman to begin with. Levi, whose original name was Leviticus — until it was discovered he couldn’t spell it — is about to become an official part of the Palin family. The family he attempted to scandalize behind the scenes, with unflattering portraits told exclusively to — just about anyone who would ask him.

Now, you may consider this somewhat comical, but with Bristol suddenly making dramatic appearances on TV… and mother Sarah making so much money she can now buy meat instead of shooting it… and Levi not getting a whole lot of follow-up career opportunities after the naked playgirl feature… well, settling down to married life is so much more secure than a salmon canning factory.