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McMahon: Dropping like flies

Then there was one – well, maybe one and one half.

A few days ago state treasurer Dean Martin “suspended” his campaign for governor of Arizona.

On Tuesday, businessman and Clint Eastwood impersonator Buz Mills “suspended” his. “Suspended” I believe has become a dignified way of saying “we don’t stand a chance in hell.” But it took Buz three and a half million dollars of his own money to come to that conclusion. That’s “suspended” reality. For $35 I would have told him things didn’t look good.

Oh, and that half a candidate I was talking about, Matthew Jette, seems like a nice guy but how long can he hold on. The biggest thing he’s got going for him is he looks like a teenage Jean Luc Picard. But this isn’t an episode of “politics – the next generation.” This election has a great deal to do with the immediate failure of Arizona.

So, in reality, in November it will be Gov. Jan Brewer vs. Attorney General Terry Goddard. What dramatic choices.

Brewer with vast experience in public offices – the House – the Senate – the Board of Supervisors – Secretary of State but only two years at Glendale Community College.

Goddard – four time mayor of Phoenix, two unsuccessful runs for governor against Fife Symington and Eddie Basha but academically he has Harvard and ASU Law School.

November is going to be very interesting.

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