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McMahon: Big Solution

I’m sure you’ll agree that everybody is interested in somebody, somewhere, solving our border problems. Well, how about me!

Now, I’m not about to promise to be able to take care of the infinite number of reasons we’re having difficulties with the Mexican government or to turn around the abject poverty that sends masses of humanity illegally into our country, seeking a better way of life. No, I’m going to concentrate on the crime and violence that makes Mexico unliveable because of the atrocities committed by the drug cartels.

There is serious fear that if not now, then soon, the drug traffickers will be more powerful than the Mexican government. They already are in virtual control of some regions. So what can be done to counteract the killings and torture perpetrated by assassins who have become multi-millionaires selling cocaine, marijuana and heroin in America?

OK, America, here’s my solution. Stop using cocaine, marijuana and heroin — because every time you snort, smoke or shoot up, you are an accessory to murder. Think about it!!!