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McMahon: Kicks

Oooo! I think I got kicked in the vuvuzela.

Never before had I gotten really caught up in the World Cup or soccer in general. I always appreciated the athleticism of the players and the extraordinary passions of the fans.

So this year, because of the American team’s success and all the media coverage, I closely followed the game the world calls foot – ball. And yesterday, after spending 4 hours watching every minute of the final World Cup championship game, I was desperately in need of just one fleeting moment of the game America calls football.

Spain finally beat the Netherlands 1 – 0 in the second overtime period on the goal of the match which I believe was scored sometime in the early fall. Most of the kicks on goal were so far off Nelson Mandela could have successfully played in the net. The competition was really marred by constant penalties or begging for penalties. It was like 22 Kobe Bryants whining simultaneously. One official passed on so many yellow cards he appeared to be jaundiced. Even that psychic octopus was bored.

Oh well, ASU and the Cards are right around the corner and perhaps in 4 years I’ll forget. My world cup seems to be filled with hemlock.

I’m Pat McMahon