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McMahon: Priorities

So we’re constantly reminded, as parents and grandparents, to be the best examples we can be to the kids — to teach values and to emphasize the truly important things in life, not material possessions like imported luxury cars or opulent estates here and abroad.

No, we are told to teach our children about the unmatched qualities of unconditional love, compassion for our fellow man and a life filled with humility. And Thursday night, we all sat in front of the TV and watched a young Ohio man announce to a desperately anxious world that he had decided to buy Miami, Fla.

Yes, at around a $100 million price tag, it may appear as if Miami is buying him. But, with all that is about to happen to that city and that state – and the NBA in general — LeBron James is calling the shots for all of them. For now. But, with this kind of unparalleled pressure, can he ever really earn all that money?

What if he doesn’t win a championship every year, what if he gets hurt? What if he is the best ever, except for Michael Jordan. LeBron, wish you well but you’re going to earn every one of those dollars.