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McMahon: Double check

I know the World Cup final is on Sunday and I know Spain is playing the Netherlands. The fact that I can state both of those facts confidently must mean soccer is catching on.

In fact, I’m becoming enough of a fan that I find myself complaining loudly about the officials and some of their outrageous, bonehead calls. In fact, why don’t I do that right now?

Will someone please explain why soccer’s governing body, FIFA, still resists instant replay? I thought baseball was slow to respond, but these soccer guys operate at Vatican speed. With today’s video technology, everybody in the stadium and at home knows within seconds if a goal has been scored. Why shouldn’t the referees be entitled to that valuable information?

If a replay can show a blown call on my kid’s phone, why can’t it be reversed on the field? And not just in soccer either. Football has instant replay down pretty well and basketball, when necessary. Baseball should use it for close calls on the bases and above all, soccer must have the capability of penalizing bad acting on fake injuries.