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McMahon: Suit from the Suits

Nobody should really be surprised. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slipped during a Latin America interview and prematurely warned us that the Justice Department was planning a legal challenge to Arizona’s immigration law that is to take effect July 29.

And that’s exactly what happened, much to the chagrin of many members of the Arizona congressional delegation.

What else would you expect them to say as they continued to watch the state go it alone? Don’t expect some sudden rush to judgment here. Washington has been stalling for years and the Immigration and Naturalization Service has continued to exist, in spite of its compound fracture. But, now it gets interesting.

Arizona said, “Okay, Washington, if you won’t do anything, we will, in spite of the fact SB 1070 does nothing to strengthen our borders. Attorney General Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano insist that individual states can’t do that. Now, it’s going to be decided by the courts. And, it’s very possible that if, as many legal scholars predict, SB1070 is declared unconstitutional, another law will be drafted and another and another until Washington must act.

And on that day, we will all join hands and sing free at last, free at last — Hall and Oates are free at last to perform in Arizona.