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McMahon: I’m Gleeful

Today, do I want to talk more about strife, bias and perceived injustice? I’d rather direct you to a very simple example of what some imaginary people are doing when they face imaginary pain in the imaginary world called “Glee”.

If you are among the few Tuesday night viewers who are unaware of this ratings phenomenon, then you are also oblivious to the fact that with viewers 18-49 it winds up right behind American Idol. It’s “High School Musical” with a plot. It’s a weekly Broadway show.

And since I’m a guy who has nothing to do with Fox television, why should I care? Mostly because it’s so well done that guys who are addicted only to ESPN will sheepishly check in to see if the glee club can defeat the wicked coach of the cheerleaders. What? Why would anyone past puberty watch sappy stuff like that?

Well, because it also asks us to consider the acceptance of all those other people — gays, disabled, overweight, geeky, lonely, promiscuous, addicted. It’s a show that allows us to view life a little more “gleefully”.