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McMahon: “Muy Fuerte”

Doesn’t it seem as if it was only about an hour and a half ago that the screaming masses of humanity that were marching in the streets were angry at bailouts, Congress, the president, health care legislation, Harry Reid, taxes, Nancy Pelosi and socialism? Now, the signs are bilingual and equally angry.

As the entire planet knows, last week a new anti-immigration bill was signed into law here in Arizona. Virtually every television and radio newscast has made it a lead story because of the unprecedented reach of the measure and the demonstrations against it.

But for just a moment, could we remove a few jalapenos that have been heating up the debate? First of all, the law cannot go into effect until August! Countless court cases can and will be filed before that. A number of constitutional legal minds have expressed the opinion that much of it won’t stand up. At that time, the federal government will likely be forced into implementing some kind of compromise. The November election will have been held and Al Sharpton will have to get a job.