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McMahon: Sins

The words coming from the largest Roman Catholic archdiocese in the nation were stinging and angry. Last Sunday, Cardinal Roger Mahony condemned Arizona’s proposed new immigration law, saying that the measure — currently in the hands of Gov. Jan Brewer — will be “the country’s most retrogressive, mean-spirited and useless anti-immigration law.”

Now, I’m sure that even the most sympathetic and compassionate Arizonan would acknowledge that, with nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants in our state, something has to be done. This legislation may never be put into the law books of Arizona because so many similar efforts have been rejected or struck down by the nation’s courts.

But, there is massive irony in the rage expressed by Cardinal Mahony. He says Arizona is reveting to Nazi and Soviet techniques in requiring the turning in of suspects on suspicion alone. I contend that if authorities had been notified of the suspicion of his possible coverup of the crimes of a pedaphile Mexican priest, Cardinal Mahony would not be the subject of a criminal lawsuit filed Tuesday.