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McMahon: Novel Writing

I’ve known Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon since he was a kid and I like him. I’ve known David Liebowitz since we worked together as talk show hosts and I like him.

However, I had to stop and inhale twice when I read that the mayor arranged for the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce to pay Liebowitz $7,500 to write the state of the city speech Gordon delivered March 9.

We all know what the state of the city is. We’re broke and now we have $7,500 less than we did.

I don’t in any way begrudge Liebo accepting the money. He’s a professional writer and a good one. He already is said to receive $6,500 a month to write for the mayor. Fine! All the more credit to Liebowitz. But for that kind of money, I want somebody to deliver expensive words — a little more inspiring than those of Phil Gordon, the Valley’s only elected Ambien pill. You know with his girlfriend making what she does working for him, and his speech writer doing that well, hey — when Gordon terms out as mayor he could just become the Godfather.