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McMahon: Directions

You want an improved health plan? OK. I’ve got one and it’s completely within our own responsibility to make it work. No doctors, no lawyers, no government officials.

You know those unbearably long disclaimers that take up at least half of every pharmaceutical commercial. The ones that tell you to take it you may have migraine headaches, uncontrollable diarrhea, bleeding from every pore and possible thoughts of suicide.

You recognize the attractive sales messages I’m talking about. Well, cut it out. Those are only attached, at great expense so that if any of those things happen you won’t sue them because you just didn’t know.

Well, here’s a solution to that. Instead of spending all that wasted money warning us about the dangers of your products, just add this one line. “For information call this number or click on this website.” Then, it’s up to us and with all that saved revenue they can cut the exorbitant prices on their medicine.

I’m Pat McMahon.