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McMahon: The Border War

You know what scares me? Mexico! You know what else scares me? Revolution in Mexico against the government.

Here’s one more: In fact, the thing that scares me most of all — what America would do in case of a revolution. Now, as you may have concluded — if you’ve paid any attention to these commentaries at all — I don’t have time to pursue all of the international conspiracies that I am warned about all day long.

But chaos in Mexico isn’t the result of shadowy power plans being made in subterranean chambers. An hour and a-half to the south, it’s all out front. Millions of have-nots being oppressed forever by corrupt law enforcers. Result: total mistrust in the government.

The government proves itself incapable of defeating the drug cartels who may be better funded than the government. So why couldn’t those same cartels buy the loyalty of the Mexican poor to overthrow their common enemy — the government? And then there would be only one thing we could do — be afraid.