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McMahon: Boom

Attention: All gun owners or aspiring gun owners. I don’t want to take away your weapons. I don’t want to take away your weapons. I know when the “g” word comes up some of your begin to get testy. I simply need to plead confusion.

Much as I wasn’t totally clear on the matter of who was going to check the beverages of the owners of the concealed guns that can now be carried into establishments that serve alcohol – I am now mystified by the purpose of the legislation just signed into law by Governor Brewer on Monday.

One of the bills was designed to re-enforce states rights over the federal mandates. But the one that seems quizzical to me states that Arizonans no longer have to concern themselves about federal regulations or even registering their firearms as long as the weapon is manufactured in Arizona.

The new law does make the exception for the fully automatic weapons or these that require two people to move. I believe that’s called a cannon.

But why not register every gun in order to help law enforcement trace them in the investigation of a crime? This was either designed to help Arizona gun sales or Jan Brewer’s election.

I’m Pat McMahon.

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