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iOS 8.1 – Should you download it?

Well, today’s another decision day for Apple customers as they roll out their latest update called iOS 8.1.

As I’ve previously said, whenever a new update to an operating system comes out, waiting for a while is always the safe play.

Let’s face it, Apple’s track record so for with iOS 8 updates hasn’t been particularly stellar but 8.1 is supposed to change all that.

Various online surveys and feedback suggest that there have been three types of user experiences thus far with those that have downloaded previous iOS 8 updates.

A third that had no problems, a third that had some minor problems and a third that had considerable issues.

So should you download iOS 8.1 today? If you’re a techie and don’t mind dealing with the unknown, go for it, but for the rest of you, give it at least a week to see what happens.

If you’re still on iOS 7, I would definitely hold off on, especially if you have an older iPhone 4s or iPad 2.