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Wearable technology is clearly one of the emerging platforms in the industry, but let’s face it, most of the designs don’t appeal to women.

Smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness monitors and those nerdy hands-free Bluetooth earpieces aren’t going to win any fashion contests.

Once company that is specifically catering to women that are interested in wearable technology is a company called Ringly that is focusing on smart jewelry and accessories.

Ringly’s current wearable device is a ring that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies you of calls, app notifications, important emails and text messages with vibrations and light.

The idea is to allow you to keep your phone tucked away but still be aware when important communications come in. Ringly uses four vibration patterns and five colors to alert you to specific types of communications.

As far as wearable technology goes, at $195 it’s a relatively inexpensive device but it’s obviously not for everyone.

There are currently five different semi-precious stones to choose from and they work with both iPhone and Android smartphones.