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Aviate launcher

The Android mobile platform is preferred by techies that like to tinker because it offers a lot of flexibility.

The openness can also make the platform confusing especially for new users or those that have switched from Apple’s iOS environment.

One way to reorganize your Android devices to your liking is by installing what are known as launcher apps.

One of my favorites, especially for newer Android users is the Aviate launcher from Yahoo.

It’s an easy way to simplify accessing a large number of apps from a single screen, so you aren’t swiping through multiple pages to find the apps you use the most.

It also incorporates some intelligence so it presents you with timely information based on the time of day or where you happen to be at the moment.

When you install it, it automatically collects apps and organizes them in categories such as productivity, entertainment, social and photography.

You can add your own categories, press and hold apps to move them around and put the categories in the order you want.