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It’s no secret that if you’re in business, you need to be using the web to increase your chances of being successful.

Every web strategy should start with making sure your business appears properly in all of the thousands of directories that have essentially replaced the phone book.

But keeping up with all those directories or even knowing where they are is a bit of a challenge, so you’re going to need help.

A great way to quickly educate yourself on the importance of accurate directory information as well as run a listing report for your business is through the MOZ Local website.

MOZ is a well known and respected resource for anyone that is trying to be found on search engines.

The MOZ Local listing tool is free to use and will provide you with a detailed report on where your information is accurate and where it’s incomplete along with the links to update each listing.

Or, if you don’t want to deal with it, you can pay them $49 per year per location to keep things updated for you. Either way, don’t skip this important task.