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ICE In Case of Emergency apps

An important part of mobile security is to make sure you setup an unlock code on your phones and tablets which keeps strangers from accessing your personal information.

But if you lose your phone or are in an emergency situation, a good samaritan might not be able to help you without knowing who the phone belongs to.

If you want the best of both worlds, consider adding In Case of Emergency information to your lock screen.

Some phones allow you to add owner information to your lock screen or you can install an
In Case of Emergency app to display the information you want to share.

You can post who the phone belongs to and a number to call in case it’s found or you can have emergency contacts or special health information listed that would inform first responders or EMTs if you are ever in an accident.

One such app called ICE Standard has been developed by the About the Kids foundation, a nonprofit organization, with input from EMTs, police officers, firefighters and emergency room personnel.