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Google’s fight against faulty mobile redirects

If you’re in charge of a business website in any way, you’ll want to listen up to this tip.

We’ve all experience the situation where you click on a link from your smartphone for a specific bit of information, but get redirected to a generic mobile homepage instead.

This annoying tendency by some websites is considered a faulty redirect by Google and they are going to start calling those websites out in search results.

Google is now warning mobile users when it detects that a site is generating a faulty redirect in an effort to spare users from the frustration.

What this will mean to your business website if it’s guilty of this error is a reduction in traffic from mobile devices.

You’ve probably noticed that you are using your mobile device a lot more these days and you are not alone.

Mobile is such a large percentage of Internet traffic these days that you must properly configure your web properties to accommodate 3 screens: the computer, the tablet and the smartphone.

Google has posted their advice for avoiding this loss of traffic, so make sure someone in your organization is reviewing these tips.