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MobileLite Wireless

If you’re any kind of a road warrior, you know that two things are a constant issue for your mobile devices: storage and battery power.

No matter how much storage capacity you have, you eventually run out and are faced with the “what can I get rid of” question.

And no matter how you setup your device, you inevitably end up with a low battery situation when you’re nowhere near a power outlet.

These two common issues along with some other potential mobile challenges are the focus of a product called MobileLite Wireless from Kingston.

It’s a card reader that attaches to any phone, combined with a portable charger that also has built-in wifi.

So it becomes an external storage device that can charge your phone and stream content to 3 different devices at once.

It also allows you to upload images to your social networks from any standard digital camera without having to connect to a computer.

It’s a pretty unique device for less than $50 that addresses many issues and expands what you can do while you are on the go.