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Party DJ

The weekend’s right around the corner and today’s tip is for your next house party!

Creating a playlist for your party can get to be a hassle and time consuming, so why not make it part of the party with an iPhone app called Party DJ.

Party DJ is a music queuing app that allows your guests to help pick songs and vote for the ones they like the most.

The songs with the most votes move up the playlist and get played sooner, so it’s a form of musical democracy that’s engaging and fun.

The host app costs 3 bucks but the guest app or a website allows your guests to pick songs and vote from your music library is free.

Just plug your iPhone or iPad into a set of speakers or use Airplay to connect and get the party started.

Everyone can pick songs and vote for them but only the host can skip or delete tracks, so you stay in control of the music.

Party DJ even allow your friends to add songs from their libraries to keep the party hopping.