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Collectables online

If you’re a collector of anything, coins, stamps, baseball cards, you know that cataloging your collection is a labor of love.

If you catalog your collection in the traditional way, you probably have a book or spreadsheet that you have to refer to when you want to add to your collection or trade something you have multiples of.

If you’re looking for an easier way to interact with other collectors that might want to trade, buy or sell items in your area of interest, checkout a website called

Colnect is an online community of collectors of everything from beer coasters to video games that allows you to easily manage your own personal collection and interact with other collectors.

You can post items that you own, items that you have available to swap or items that you would like to acquire. The system allows you to find best matches for a swap because it can quickly find another collector that’s a good trading candidate for you.

It’s got almost 70,000 collectors in 219 countries, so it’s a serious marketplace for traders of lots of collectables.