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Learning to build websites

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is truly the language of the Internet.

If you’ve got a youngster that’s really interested in learning how to build websites, they need to understand the underlying code that’s actually used to build things.

You often see websites telling you that you can build your own website with their easy to use tools, which can be true, but it’s limited to the pre-designed tools that the site has created.

HTML looks like Greek at first, but once you start learning the basic building blocks, it becomes much less mysterious.

A really cool way to learn web skills is from Mozilla’s Webmaker website where you can take simple pre-made sites and tinker with them to see what happens.

Breaking things is a really great way to learn web skills and with Webmaker, you can break things without causing any problems.

Understanding HTML is becoming a vital skill for more than just web developers and Mozilla’s goal is to encourage millions of people move from just using the web to creating it.