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2-step verification

Well, it happened again, a frantic Gmail user asked for help because they got locked out of their own account by a hacker.

Google has various resources for recovering a compromised account, but something he should have done long ago would have prevented the whole situation in the first place.

It’s called 2-step verification and it’s so simple to setup.

With 2-step verification turned on, even with your password, a hacker wouldn’t gain access to your account and here’s why:

Google knows when a strange computer is trying to access your account and will text a special code to your phone when it detects this activity.

Without the special code, the remote hacker won’t get in. It’s also a great way to know when your password has been compromised.

If you get an access code texted to you out of the blue, you’ll know that someone has figured out your password and it’s time to change it.

BTW, you can also protect accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Paypal, Microsoft, Apple and lots of other sites with 2-step verification.