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The weekend is near and here’s a fun tip for creating memorable videos of your activities.

If you’ve ever wanted to be the director of a blockbuster special effects action movie, did you know all you need is your smartphone and an app?

FXGuru is a pretty amazing app that makes it easy to create action-packed videos out of just about anything you can record with your smartphone.

There are 12 free effects with the basic program that include UFO shuttles, satellites crashing and dancing skeletons with dozens of other effects that you can buy for 99 cents each.

Unlike some of the other movie effect apps I’ve used in the past, FXGuru uses virtual decals to show you where the effect will be used while you are shooting your video, so it’s much easier to line up the effect.

The only limits to your movie making this weekend will be your own imagination, so if you’re ready to film a UFO invasion over your backyard or blow up your golf buddy on the 9th tee box because he’s beating you, FXGuru makes it fun and easy.