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Autocorrect on our smartphones is pretty handy since the on-screen keyboards don’t leave much room for error.

But we’ve all seen the hilarious results of autocorrect gone wrong all over the Internet.

If you’re looking for something that takes typing on your smartphone to a new level, checkout the Fleksy keyboard app for iPhone or Android.

Fleksy aims to make typing on your smartphone eyes free…that’s right; I said EYES free meaning you don’t have to look at the keyboard any longer.

Their unique error correcting algorithm can magically figure out what you were trying to type just by your typing gestures.

It takes a little getting used to, but if when you learn to rely on your typing muscle memory, you can actually make the keyboard invisible and regain screen real estate as you type.

The developers of Fleksy have really taken a totally different approach to interfacing with your mobile devices and it’s wicked awesome

Intrigued? You can see it action and download the app to try it yourself at