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If you’ve ever downloaded a free program or software update and suddenly noticed that a new toolbar popped up in your browser or your start page got changed, you’ve been a victim of bundleware.

Software companies will often include third party programs with their downloads because they get paid by others to do so.

They know that most of you will simply click next, next, next, I agree so they’ll get away with it.

A good practice whenever you’re installing new software is to ignore the ‘recommended’ setting and always choose the custom option so you can uncheck the undesirable third party programs before they sneak into your computer

If you want a little extra protection against bundleware, download a free utility called Unchecky which acts as a watchdog for this common practice.

It will automatically uncheck unrelated offers and warn you if you’re about to accept a potentially unwanted offer or utility.

If you’re browser is being overrun with toolbars, now you know why and how to prevent it in the future!