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Child safe videos

In the old days, parents would set their young children in front of the TV to keep them occupied with age appropriate children’s shows, but today that trend is shifting to our iPhones and iPads.

YouTube is the most popular collections of videos on the Internet, but no matter what video you start with, your child could easily end up with suggestions that are not age appropriate within a few clicks.

Using the ‘safe’ mode on YouTube sounds like an option in theory, but in practice an algorithm is no substitute for parental oversight

That was a problem that some tech savvy parents were faced with so they started an online community called to help parents find safe video content for their children.

TOTLOL is both a website and a mobile app with the distinct purpose of protecting children by having a community of parents upload, review and rate video content.

They’re using the wisdom of the crowds to ensure that only age appropriate video can be viewed via their resources, so you can hide the YouTube icon and replace it with TOTLOL on your Apple mobile devices.

Once you launch the mobile app, your child can’t exit “Kids Mode” without a password so they’re limited to the safe video library.