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Delayed mail delivery

There are times when scheduling the delivery of an e-mail message can be very handy, like when you want to make sure you don’t miss someone’s birthday or anniversary.

Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail program has had the ability to schedule messages for years, but if you’ve migrated to the cloud and use Gmail now, you’ll notice that you lost that option.

That is unless you use Boomerang for Gmail, a free service that does much more than just schedule e-mail delivery.

The “send later” option makes it easy to start scheduling message delivery, but Boomerang for Gmail also helps you stay organized. It can take messages in your Inbox that you want to read later and schedules them to reappear in your Inbox as a reminder.

You can also track a sent message and get reminded if you haven’t heard back from the recipient so you can follow up in a timely manner in an efficient manner.

If you live your life in Gmail and want to be more productive, checkout