The thermostat that learns

Jul 10, 2013, 12:00 PM | Updated: 12:00 pm

Smart thermostats have been around for a little while but the one we like the best is from a company called Nest.

Most of today’s sophisticated electronic thermostats require a computer science degree to program and make changes as the seasons change.

The reason we love the “Nest” Thermostat so much is that it looks and acts like the traditional round thermostats that we all grew up with but with one huge difference.

It adapts to YOU based on when you turn the dial up or down. You can start with a guess by programing things from your smartphone if you’d like but as you make adjustments, it learns what you really want.

It even has a motion sensor so it can figure out your home and away patterns to know when it can conserve energy.

And of course, you can manage the thermostat from work, on vacation or wherever you happen to be right from your smartphone.

Over time, the Nest thermostat will help you conserve energy and lower your power bill just by simply letting it do its thing.

Checkout this amazing and beautiful device.

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