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Shopping with scan and go technology

Shopping is a chore, and lines generally stink, so Walmart is trying to change that.

When you think Walmart, you probably don’t think about technological innovation right?

Like them or not, Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the U.S. and they’re rolling out something new to make shopping easier for you.

It’s called Scan & Go, and the idea is simple. Using your iPhone (for now – Android isn’t far behind) you scan the items with the Scan & Go App while you shop.

The app keeps tabs on what you put in the cart and gives you a running total.

Every item has a code, the app simply converts that into the checkout price you pay for it.

Now when you’re finished shopping, you will be able to go to a special checkout lane, the reader gets the checkout info from your phone, you swipe your card, and off you go.

Scan & Go is now rolling out to over 700 stores, and will soon be in your Walmart.

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