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What to do when the cloud breaks

These days more and more of us rely on the cloud to store documents, and keep the things we’re working on, synchronized across multiple platforms.

But if you are a user of services like Google Docs, which we are, you may on occasion, have some pain.

When Google Docs takes a dive and the service is unavailable, how are you supposed to get your work done?

You need to know how to use Google Docs offline, setup is easy and it’ll keep you working when the cloud goes dark.

To turn on offline access, simply go to your google drive main page and click MORE on the left side of the page, then offline. Now you can enable offline access by clicking the blue button.

Just like a computer, things go wrong, so to make extra certain your documents are safe, use a backup to the cloud called backupify. This cloud based service can backup all your cloud based services.

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