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Saving money by being an adventurous traveler

Many travel sites offer low fares, fare watching and discounts on your destination, that’s nothing new, but what if you could save up to 40% by letting someone else choose your destination, remember we did say “adventurous traveler.”

The site is and they offer something totally unique. Give them 2 options for your destination, your travel dates and they’ll do the rest. They call it the Pick Two, Get One platform.

Airlines give bigger discounts to flexible leisure travelers, so allowing to decide which trip to book proves to the airline that you’re a leisure traveler. After all, business travelers need to go to a specific location.

The service helps the airline industry by putting butts in the seats and helps consumers by, well it’s obvious right?

We tested GetGoing against Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak. We mocked up a few different European and Asian trips. Without fail, saved a couple of hundred bucks per flight.

So next time you want to get going, pick two, and get one, then get going!

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