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Are you sending SPAM?

Ever have someone tell you the email you sent them never arrived, no matter how many times you sent it?

We all hate SPAM and since the majority of messages circling the internet, are SPAM, lots of filters are in place to keep it from hitting our inbox.

These automated filters look at different parts of your message to determine if it’s legit or junk.

If you’re making some common mistakes, like using certain trigger words or phishing phrases, you’ll be marked as SPAM. So what are some of them?

100% Satisfied, #1, Act Now!, Apply Online, Best Price, Affordable, you get the idea.

Try to avoid images in your signature. The KISS system works best with email… keep it simple sender. Use the plain text format for the best results.

Want to check your emails and see how SPAMMY they are? You can. Just send your test message to that’s check, C H E C K @ I S N O T S P A M .com.

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