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How to avoid surprise app bills

No one likes a surprise bill, especially when it comes from a free video game. A free video game? Yes, a free video game.

What’s an in app purchase? It’s a hidden feature in lots of games that allows you purchase virtual coins, merchandise or even new levels in the game.

The problem is, your kids can easily purchase these and suddenly you’re staring at a bill that’s tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So how do you turn these in app purchases off to avoid this pain?

For iPhone, iPod, iPad users it’s in the general area of your settings, you need to enable restrictions, and then turn off your in app purchases.

Since Androids come in different flavors, you may have to do a bit of hunting, but most of them work the same. Go to the play store on your device, then settings, make sure you set a pin number, and then select the “use pin for purchases” option.

If you need help, we’ve posted a how to video with the step by step instructions right on our Facebook page.

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