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Bounce back emails

Lynn asked, is there anyway I can prevent backscatter? My inbox is full of mailer daemon returned emails that appear to be sent from me, but of course they weren’t. I’ve set a filter to delete these type emails from the Cox server, but some of them continue to come through. I would prefer to NOT change my email address.

The problem is simple, a spammer has your e-mail address and is obviously using it as the fake sender on a current ‘campaign’. More than likely, this will go away in the coming weeks as the spammer will use other addresses for his junk messages.

When your email address gets spoofed like this, it appears as if it’s email sent by you to whomever the sender has listed as the recipient. The real issue here, is the size of the list that spammer used.

We’ve seen some instances where a spammer has sent out tens of thousands of emails, and when the bad addresses start bouncing back, you’re bombarded with these returns.

If it continues en mass, you’ll probably have to change addresses to sidestep the junk returns.

It’s always good to keep two email addresses, one for subscriptions and online ordering, another for family and friends.

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