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Food Pair: For all the foodies out there

There’s a ton of foodie websites out there.

From TV channels sites, to snobby recipe sites and specialty sites, but there’s one that does it better. is the easiest way to find recipes online. Search nearly a million recipes from the best sites across the Web.

Now you don’t have to hop from site to site to get good recipes. When you find a recipe you like you can save it to your recipe box.

But what if you don’t want to whip up a special meal, you just need to figure out what to make?
FoodPair lets you also search by ingredient. That makes it easy to find recipes you can make with the ingredients you have.

Their powerful search filters make it easy to see only the recipes that matter to you. You can filter by site, diet, course and complexity. The only thing it doesn’t do is make it for you.

And since everyone loves to see what they’re going to make, looks very much like Pinterest. It’s very visual and easily shareable.