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Which termite treatment does Rosie recommend?

Rosie likes a product called Termidor, which contains a very small amount of fipronil, the same ingredient used for flea and tick control on dogs and cats.

It’s odorless, so you won’t be able to smell it, and termites can’t smell or taste it. So they won’t notice that they’re walking on it or if it gets on their bodies, so they ingest some of it and carrying the rest back to their nests, where they share it with their disgusting little friends every time they touch one of them.

Termites have been found across 70% of the world and have survived environmental changes from creation.

In North America alone, termites invade more than 1.5 million homes causing 2.5 billion in damage. Termites only require 1/64 – inch space to enter your home; that’s the thickness of a piece of paper.

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