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The Weekly DownLloyd: Intern Juan edition

As the producer of Mac & Gaydos, this is my own unique, weird, wacky and at times, warped, look at the week’s seven biggest stories.

Wet winter

Expect a wet winter in 2014-15. El Nino is expected to be nasty this upcoming year. I’m not sure how the heck meteorologists predict weather six months out, but hey, there’s a reason they make the big bucks and I’m here doing this podcast. El Nino’s great and all — I’ll take any rain I can get here — but how about something to squelch these allergies NOW? The wind has been brutal lately!

Work out or else!

Ah, company wellness programs, aren’t they great?

No, they’re not.

I’m all for giving people incentives to work out — positive incentives that is. If you get a little something extra, there’s nothing wrong with that. Lloyd Banks used to work for a lovely former employer, though, where you’d pay more if you didn’t take their crummy health assessment, etc. There’s nothing positive about that.

Many people at that company often cheated or lied their way through many of the activities to try to save a few bucks…money they used to just be given, as opposed to have to fib their way through life to receive.

Working out should be fun and rewarding…not mandatory.

Pants = problem

Prom is a great time for high school kids to celebrate the end of the year. It should be full of fond memories. For Shafer Rupard, though, she wound up getting booted from her’s and it had nothing to do with her behavior: She chose to wear pants to prom. How dare she!

I could maybe understand if it was a skimpy dress or she got lippy with a chaperone, but pants — really?! I could understand if this was a boy who wore a dress to prom, but what harm is a girl who wears pants to the prom causing? I say good for her, and I hope she gets the apology she deserves.

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