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The Weekly DownLloyd: Coughing, sneezing and aching version

As the producer of Mac & Gaydos, this is my own unique, weird, wacky, and at times, warped look at the week’s seven biggest stories.

Flu pill

For the last two weeks I’ve been coping with a lovely virus. By lovely, I mean terrible. Luckily for me it wasn’t the flu, it was awful though. For those of you who do seem to get those lovely flu-like symptoms from time to time, scientists may be coming close to a pill to zap it.

This pill would do more than just knock out the flu too, it could potentially whack bugs like the lovely virus I had too.

Parents teaching savings

I’m encouraged that a new survey says most parents are teaching their kids about savings. What qualifies as “teaching” though? If you give your kids $10 or $20 for an allowance and tell them once to not spend it all in one place, is that teaching?

I find it hard to believe most kids are being taught about savings…and if they are, the message certainly doesn’t seem to sink in because kids are all about buying, not saving.

It pays to quit

Amazon’s got a program called Pay to Quit. If you worked for the company you could net about $5,000 walking off the job. They don’t want their employees to quit though. Instead, they want them to really think about what they want out of the job.

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