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Man redefines insensitivity with Ray Rice Halloween costume

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Halloween has long been about causing mischief, scaring your friends and dressing according to pop culture. But one man seems to think it means causing a lot of outrage with a senseless costume.

The man’s picture was posted on Reddit, depicting him in a Ray Rice jersey and football gear, dragging on the hair of a face-down blow-up doll portraying his then-fiancee, Janay Rice. The pose was a reenactment of the domestic violence case that got Rice suspended from the NFL, which stemmed from a video of Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious and dragging her out of a hotel elevator.

The case was monumental for the NFL because at first, Rice was only suspended for two games, enraging many. Some Ravens fans continued to wear his jersey even after the videos were released, stirring up even more controversy.

But this photo ranks up there with those decisions of the poorest judgment. To spend time and money to make this costume alone is insulting to so many who have tried to use the NFL domestic violence epidemic to spread awareness about the crime, in an effort to prevent it.

Clearly, the message isn’t reaching everyone.

Next time, just get a giant banana suit or something.