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It turns out the TSA and ASU have something in common

What do the Transportation Security Administration and Arizona State University have in common?

They both apparently don’t believe in taking others opinions into account before implementing a plan.

The TSA said they would allow knives on planes. Everyone hated the idea. The TSA never asked pilots, flight attendants or CEOs of airlines what they thought of this not so brilliant idea. They may have to eat crow on this one soon.

As for ASU, the university created this “new Sparky” mascot. Everyone hated it. ASU never asked student leaders, fans or ASU alumni what they thought of this very creepy new mascot. Some alumni actually threatened to stop giving the school money! Michael Crow even had to get involved to clean up the mess. ASU has since scrapped the “new Sparky.”

The moral of the story? Run it through a filter before making a bad decision.