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Love the NCAA, hate the bizarre picks that are right

I have a love-hate relationship with the NCAA Tournament.

I can’t stand the way some people actually pick the winners. This is where Jayme West comes in with her J-WEST PICK FEST. Every year, she selects winners in the most bizarre way. The worst part is that she’s usually right! Here are some examples of here selections this year.

• No. 4 Saint Louis over No. 13 New Mexico State. Why? Because Jayme says she has always wanted to see the Arch.

• No. 6 Memphis over No. 11 Middle Tennessee. Why? Because Jayme says she loves BBQ and Elvis, so go Memphis!

• No. 8 North Carolina State over No. 9 Temple. Why? Because her husband’s nephew is stationed at Fort Bragg.

If she gets any of these right, I’m tearing up my brackets!