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The one thing I want to ask Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias was asked over 100 questions from the jury about her actions on the day she killed her lover, Travis Alexander.

Here are three question/answers that make me scratch my head”

Jury: What is your understanding of the word skank?
Arias: It’s a derogative term against women.
Jury: Have you called other men “Hottie Biscotti?”
Arias: She says she did.
Jury: Why didn’t you call for help after you shot Travis Alexander?
Arias: When the gun went off, I didn’t know I had shot him. I thought the bullet hit wall.

I would have asked her “Why does it appear that you have enjoyed the attention of being on the stand for over two weeks in this murder trial with that creepy little smirk on your face?”