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Some little known facts about Hugo Chavez

All-around bad guy Hugo Chavez is dead.

The former president of Venezuela died of cancer. Here are a few little known facts about this anti-American crazy dictator.

• Chavez outlawed Coke Zero because it was a threat to the health of Venezuelans.

• When Chavez visited the United States in June 1999, he threw the out the first pitch at a Mets baseball game and rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Really?!

• He loved watching baseball on TV, reading and listening to Mac & Gaydos. I tease. He liked listening to folk music.

Chavez used strong language and, like Castro, was known for long, televised speeches that went on until late in the night. He broke his own record by speaking for nearly 10 hours in one stretch.

At least we don’t have to hear him rant about how much he hates us anymore. Bye bye, Hugo.