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Timeless red solo cup getting re-designed

With the infuriating and confounding announcement that Facebook has changed its look once again, there was another product update announcement Friday that sent shockwaves to the masses.

The news effects not only through the tech and teen communities, but beer pong aficionados, Toby Keith fans and anyone who has enjoyed a lovely beverage at an outdoor function in the last 10 years.

We’ve gotten used to buying a computer or Smartphone only to have a NEW and IMPROVED model hit the market in less than a year.

Since the iPod hit the market in October, 2001, it’s cycled through more than a dozen generations. More memory, smaller, slimmer, sleeker, with techno-vibrant colors, made every new generation a must-have. I get it with some technology (get a clue, Zuckerberg).

But, how do you improve on something that is, from a design, utilitarian and aesthetic perspective, in a word: perfect.

I don’t get it either. But get ready for a new and improved red solo cup